Kategorie: General Daily Class: Learn Vedic Mantra Chanting In The Himalayas (Dharamshala)

Daily Class: Learn Vedic Mantra Chanting In The Himalayas (Dharamshala)

7. Mai 2024 29. Mai 2024

BDIPoC intersectionally informed, ADHD and ASD informed, LGBTQI informed, PTSD informed

duration: 4-22 days upon prior appointment, as per your schedule

Location:  Dharamshala , India

Teacher: Swami Dhyānānanda

Beginning a well-informed chanting practice often has profound and lasting effects. You will most likely leave with more self confidence, having found your authentic voice (on various levels), be more clear in your expression and be equipped with a new way to nurture or begin your spiritual practice in an enjoyable way.

Learning proper chanting of ancient Sanskrit mantras has been a life changing experience for many who took it up. Chanting can be an excellent way to approch spirituality in a straightforward and hands-(or voice-)on way, and offers many benefits. It could not be done in a more conducive environment than the Himalayas, from a  Vedic lineage in a monastic setting.

This retreat is helpful for Yoga teachers, to fully learn the proper chanting of the mantras which you use in your classes.

Butyou don’t need to be a Yoga teacher to participate and experience the joy and benefits.

Please refer to the full description linked, which contains sound and video examples and much more info.

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  • ADHD informed, ASD informed, CPTSD informed

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