Courses (Engl.)

  • Community-Empowerment-Yoga; decolonizing the body through guided relaxation and trauma-safe meditation techniques (no workout.)
  • Community Yoga Nidra (meditative healing trance and very helpful in reducing PTSD)
  • Community Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga for Self-Regulation
  • Beginners‘ Sanskrit
  • Mantra Chanting / Vedic Chanting
  • Community-Gatherings, talks, satsang
  • Workshop 2-4 days: Mantra Chanting for Yoga Teachers: Background, Pronunciation, Intonation, Meaning, and Benefits.
  • Consultation / Workshop for Yoga Studios: The Yoga Studio as a Pillar of Cultural Integrity and Social Responsibility – for support and inclusion of Diaspora communities, and for a solidarity-based reduction of cultural clash with Yoga’s country of origin, India.